FIVE-FOLD Leadership Seminar with Dr. Myles Munroe

We least expected it to come out so successfully, but it more than did in what could best be described in only superlative terms . We least expected to have a half-full house, but we got an overflow. We least expected to have an average level of enthusiasm, but we nearly had a situation on our hands when attendees were unwilling to leave, after the clock had struck 6:30PM; even though we were supposed to close at 6:00Pm. Even though our hopes had been whipped high by the advertisements that went out espousing the speakers grasp on the theme for the program; we never expected the manifestation of the Spirit, power, anointing, scriptural insight, and revelation knowledge we were all exposed to.
It can all be summed up thus: we went in naked, but came out clothed; we went in blind, but came out seeing; we went in empty, but came out filled to the overflow; we went in blind but came out seeing in clearly. We went in blunt but came out sharpened and equipped with spiritual insight rare to find in the pulpits of the church of God in these times.
The poetic narration above cannot even do justice to the success story we have to tell about the 2014 Effective Kingdom Ministry Program organized by Adonai Media Ministry on the 15 of March 2014. It was success beyond measure, and we give all the glory to God for the transformed lives and rejuvenated ministries coming out of the program.

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